About Our Business

About Our Company

Our vision is to be a highly reputable
product realization support company

Our mission is to help our customers lower
their product realization costs and reduce
time to market

Beeken TechQuest is a Houston based engineering company
focused on supporting the product realization needs of our
customers. Our services range from upgrading the legacy design
data to providing new product development services.

Competitive pressures require our customers to develop high
quality products at low cost ahead of their competition. Beeken
TechQuest achieves this objective by utilizing highly trained
technical resources in India, and optimally combining their skills with
those in the United States.

Our services focus on the primary product development steps of:

                   Concept Development
                   Engineering Design
                   Prototype Build
                   Prototype Test
                   Technical Documentation

Beeken’s products and services enable our customers to perform
each of these steps faster and more economically.


BEEKEN TechQuest